From across the Atlantic: co-working Selena is coming to Europe!

Have you been to South America? Besides that we are going to tell you that you really have to go because of the cheerful culture and beautiful nature, we will also advise you to go to co-working Selina. They offer you the best work and living space in South America! No plans of going to South America? No worries, now that they have conquered the Spanish continent, they are coming to Europe with their next establishment in Portugal. I visited Selina in Colombia. In this blog I tell you everything about this cool co-working. Would you like to know more about the locations I have seen? Click here.

But what (or who) is Selina? In the minds of founders Rafi Museri and Daniel Rudasevski, Selina is the name of a 29-year-old Latin American world traveler that attracts like-minded people. Museri: “Selina is honest, humble and beautiful.” That sounds promising.

Selina in Cartagena

Let me tell you more about Selina…

In 2015 the founders opened the first  Selina in Pedasi, a then-sleepy fishing village in Panama. Today Selina is in 8 countries in Latin America, across 25 destinations urban and rural, and it’s coming to the US and Europe: Selina Porto and Miami just opened!

In Colombia itself they opened 3 places, but with 5 new once coming up, Selina sees Colombia as becoming one of the world’s top trending Digital Nomad destinations. The positive vibe and good working conditions make many people wanting to work in this beautiful country.

Why I fell in love at Selina

It is the concept and the vision behind Selina. It’s not about just opening a hostel or a co-working place, there is so much more behind it and you’ll see that in every Selina accommodation. It is about communities, being sustain and being efficient and comfortable as possible for Digital Nomads.

Selina takes disused spaces, like a chocolate factory, asylum and plenty of former hotels in choosing empty, sometimes non-traditional properties, Rudasevski and Museri commit themselves to engaging and revitalizing the local community.  As a visitor you can get in contact with the local community. Different activities are generated with the locals.


The founders themselves are Digital Nomads creating places for Digital Nomads. They build these properties into Digital Nomad dream worlds, with local artwork; street art on the walls; reclaimed wood furniture from local designers and artisans; yoga and meditation spaces; coworking space; library; shared kitchen; and The Playground.

The Playground

This is the communal space in every Selina where travelers sip green juice and tuck into salads, grain bowls, and local seafood; work on collaborative projects, attend talks, and catch up with other travelers over a cold beer as a DJ spins in the corner.

A place for everyone

There are €10/night beds in a hostel-type dorm; private rooms with shared and private baths from US €40; trendy deluxe rooms from €160; and, at some location’s family rooms (from €100).

They create a place for everyone, not only the rich but also the backpackers, the families and everyone that wants to enjoy this beautiful concept.

Selina has all the makings of a party atmosphere: a bar, DJs, inexpensive dorm rooms and the corresponding backpackers—but there are far more Digital Nomads here than long-term Spring Breakers. Just after 7am the breakfast tables begin filling up with travelers eager to take on the day, piling their plates with phenomenal banana bread, eggs, and heaps of tropical fruit. By 8am, the quiet, well-appointed coworking spaces are half full—journalists are writing, photographers editing, a group of techies coding, and a few people sipping coffee and chatting in English and Spanish about their projects.

Selina in Medellín

My favorite co-working in Medellín

A great example of the mix between fun and pleasure is Selina Medellín, the co-working place was far out the best! I loved being in this co-space and after a day of hard working there was always something cool to do in the playground. In a week time I saw different galleries, bands and a massive party with a range of all ages.

The diversity but still the similarities of all the different locations, is amazing. You will not get bored in Colombia. There they are established in 3 cities. Bogotá is a booming cosmopolitan city, Cartagena shows the vibes of the Caribbean coast and Medellín is an innovated city surrounded by great nature and mountains. Personally, I’m very curious to the one in Cali, the salsa city of Colombia.


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